Strategic Plan

In order to achieve our vision and make musical education available for every student on this globe, regardless their financial situation, we must approach this process in a step-by-step fashion. Our projects are going to enable us to work on different fields simultaneously and consistently accelerate our progress.

Local Outreach

Our local outreach is focused on providing free musical education amongst the communities near Bard College, mainly Upstate New York. This outreach is critical for acquiring data and strategic information in order to support our National and International outreach. We are able to learn different teaching techniques, conduct codes, and pedagogical practices which we are able to share later on with our other outreaches.


National Outreach

The National Outreach is our next big step! We’re going to encourage students from music conservatories throughout the United States to start their own Musical Mentorship Initiative. We will provide guidance and resources that will help them in providing free music education to their local communities. This outreach will help us extend our initiative and accelerate the progress.

International Outreach

Looking towards the future, we would like to expand our initiative internationally. We truly believe that musical education should be accessible to every student on the globe, therefore it’s of crucial importance to extend the reach of our initiative in other countries. This is where our step-by-step process leads, access to musical education globally to every student!